What can you say about Alaska? It’s big and bold, an adventure waiting around every corner. This section has a broad range of photos, including fishing, moose, mountains, dog sledding and a slice of the Alaskan life. I want to show the urban life in Anchorage and Fairbanks but also show the wild side that you can find just down the street. To the northern lights, and moose walking downtown Anchorage, Alaska is the last wild frontier.

Location is everything when it comes to photos in Alaska. I have become familiar with the hidden gems of this great state. So if you are looking for a background photo of glaciers, mountains or sunsets, I know these locations and the best lighting to make the best of your photos. There is something always happening in Alaska no matter what the season is. Maybe you are interested in visiting Byron Glacier or going to Spencer glacier for the day, or just walk down the coastal trail to get a radiant sunset photo. Having a good guide and a sense to capture these photographic moments is the key to success for family photos, portraits or wildlife viewing. Let me be your guide to this incredible adventure we call Alaska.