The above gallery highlights my photojournalism work that I covered for many newspapers and the Associated Press. I learned the art of photojournalism through the old process of film, camera and the darkroom. I worked in black and white photo processing lab, getting the perfect print photo of those basic shades. Now with the world of digital photography, I still can bring that art to each photo, by looking at what makes that basic solid photo.

I covered many interesting assignments, including the WTO riots in Seattle, Seattle Seahawk games, house fires, fireworks, political events and everyday events that happen in our lives. Many stories have been told through the lens, the old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words." That is the art of photojournalism, to get that one critical photo that the editor is looking for publication. Photographers who have been trained in the art of photojournalism, pose an advantage in their photo style. My style is to get to the story of the photo, and find some interesting angle to the photo, looking at shadows, back-light, cropping and other tools of the trade. Posing photos has its place for wedding and family portraits but once those photos are completed, its time to capture photos in a natural environment, let the free energy flow and go after creativity. That is what I will bring to you in each photo event.  

This is my style of photography, to capture that event at the precise time, so that one image will tell the story, that moment of action that may never repeat itself.